South Africa

Delayed but NOT Denied!

I have learned a lot this past week. The biggest lesson is that God’s ways are not our ways, but what He has ordained no one or nothing can stop or destroy. Despite all of the bad weather conditions here in Georgia and all of the delays and set backs it caused I still know and believe that God has something AMAZING waiting for me in South Africa. All I have to do is remain faithful and positive because it is coming!

I just want to share my testimony with all of you because I know God did not send me through the storm in vain. He has a greater plan for me. As many of you know, I should be in South Africa right now! But due to the extreme snow and ice in Georgia a lot of things were delayed and shut down. One of those things is UPS. Yes UPS or United Parcel Services. They were not prepared for the poor weather conditions in Georgia and neither were a lot of other people. All last week I have been on a wild goose chase trying to get my hands on my mail which was in the possession of UPS. I had been misinformed several times by them about the status and the location of my mail until I finally found out that it was in fact in the Georgia, but I was unable to receive it until Monday January 17.
What was I waiting so patiently to receive? My passport. No I did not wait until the last minute to apply for it; I have had my passport since last May. I was applying for a VISA in order to travel to SA, but I found out too late that it was not needed for my trip. So, I was supposed to receive my passport back on Tuesday of last week, but due to the weather conditions that did not happen. So I spent the later part of the week trying desperately to locate my passport. Due to my not having my passport I have had to reschedule my flight not once but twice! Usually this would cost lots of money, but I have much favor because it only cost me $30. Praise God!
So, despite all of the tears and confusion and anger I experienced all last week God is still a good God, and He has a higher plan for me! I am still able to go to SA and all of my accommodations are in tact! For whatever reason, God did not want me on the flight last week. He has made a way for me to travel on this Thursday and live my dream of teaching in South Africa. So, say a prayer for me that my passport arrives in tact on tomorrow morning!

2 comments on “Delayed but NOT Denied!

  1. Oh wow! I sooooo thought u had already left! I really wanted to give you a call before you departed, so hopefully I'll have that chance soon. All of this will be a distant memory once you step foot in SA! The devil always tries to bring you down when he knows God has something GREAT planned for you! I'm so happy you have such a positive spirit 🙂


  2. Fantastic pictures.


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