South Africa

I’m the coolest person in school!!!

Aaaah!!! I haven’t written in so long! I am sorry to my ‘loyal’ readers for not updating in so long! But I have A LOT to share! I have been doing some serious “living” lately (I hope you have too). Well in my last entry I talked about the amazingness that is God’s creations!!! Well because I have been afforded such a privilege to bare witness to His glory and beauty, I am taking every chance I have to truly LIVE and live life abundantly!

This past weekend me and my other fellow COST friends rented a car and road tripped from Grahamstown to PE (Port Elizabeth)!!! No I did not drive (yet) but it was certainly an adventure! We not only had to get used to this left side of the road thing but also driving a manual. Thankfully one of us drives a manual back in the States, so she did the majority of driving. But I will get my turn behind the wheel because we have a lot more trips to take! So, sorry Dad, but I did not come 3,000 miles+ to just sit in the passenger seat and stare out the window! I will be driving (maybe not a manual…but who knows!) but I will have my turn to drive in South Africa!
While in PE, we visited Nelson Mandela Bay which is very nice but certainly a popular site for beach goers. I also ate….SNAILS!!!! I figured I have eaten lots of new food (for me) so why not continue this taste exploration and try snails. They were not that bad. They tasted like mussels but it might have helped that they were covered in lots of cheese and sauce (hey! Baby steps people)! I also went shopping at the mall in PE (which is certainly NOT new for me lol). The mall was very nice the only big difference was everything was in Rand and not Dollars and the names of the stores. I had a wonderful weekend in PE and I can’t wait to see more of beautiful SA!!!
So now more information about the reason I came to South Africa…TEACHING! This is my first week of full time teaching. Today I covered another grade 5 class and tomorrow I will be substituting for a grade 3 teacher, but on Wednesday it is all me! But I feel like the coolest person in school! All of the kids know me even though I have not met them. Everyone thinks I have a beautiful accent (never even thought I had one), and all of the kids think I have lunch with Justin Beiber and hang out with Miley Cirus on the weekends! LOL But I am so happy and excited to be teaching! I have been writing lesson plans all last week and I can’t wait to mix things up and show the kids how its done in America! So I am Ms. Williams…teacher! I LOVE the sound of that! (check out my pictures from my trip to PE on my FaceBook page!)

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