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Teaching is truly the hardest job in the WORLD!

Wow what a week! All week long I have been planning and researching and teaching my grade 5 class. It has been as rewarding as it is trying. Each day I must sit down and plan every lesson I teach. I have to teach everything from reading and writing to math, science, social studies, Life Orientation, and Economic Management Systems. Not only do I have to plan but I must research everything I teach! Picture doing 7 research papers a day! In my planning process, I have to think through the entire lesson. I must think of how to capture my classes attention from the beginning of the lesson and then keep it throughout the entire lesson. I must think of new and innovative ways of instructing. Gone are the days where it is acceptable to just lecture about a topic for 45 minutes and then pass out a worksheet for the class to complete. I believe my students deserve more and expect more from me. I also must consider the various ability levels of my class and the different learning styles. My lesson has to incorporate all of that in order to make sure every child has what they need in order to succeed in my class.

Then I have to think of a way to assess that they have learned and accomplished the objective of the lesson. Again, gone are the days of always using a traditional test. I must find new ways of assessing my student’s learning without just having them bubble in some answers or fill in blanks. After the lesson, I must reflect on how it went and decide whether or not I need to reteach some things or if my class are ready to move on to the next thing. I am coming to realize that good teachers all over the world have to consider all of these things when planning for a lesson. It can be very exhausting…but very rewarding as well.
So teachers have the hardest job in the WORLD…mainly because they perform every job imaginable throughout the school day. They not only have to be ‘teacher’ but sometimes lawyer, nurse, accountant, coach, mediator, counselor, scientist, and even parent. It is a hard job and a lot of times society overlooks our importance and belittles our profession. But I am here to say that if you can’t do then DON’T teach! It takes a very special and dedicated person to get paid next to nothing and to devote their entire lives so someone else can have a chance to live their dreams! We shape the world because we shape the minds of the world’s next leaders and great thinkers. So today send a thank you out to a teacher in your life that has made a positive difference in your life. Each and everyday I walk into the classroom and see the smiling faces of my students I thank God He blessed me to be a teacher!

3 comments on “Teaching is truly the hardest job in the WORLD!

  1. Sarah! This post is super inspiring! 🙂 I only hope to have something as close as you're feeling today in my classroom next semester! Thank you for spending time on the lesson plans, considering different learning styles, and incorporating various teaching methods! I know the kiddos must love youuuu! 🙂 Also, great point you made about belittling the profession!–it's definitely not easy to have to juggle being a human being, lawyer, counselor, parent, and teacher. It reminds me of that long conversation we had one day–about our educational system! I'd love to hear about the differences of your classroom vs. one here! 🙂 Keep up the amazing work and enjoy all your time there, I know you are! 😉


  2. Thank you Jasenka!!! Yes it is a lot of work but certainly well worth it! I am sure you will be just as inspiring to your class next semester! I will write an entry comparing and contrasting the two classrooms soon, but for now I have lessons to plan LOL! I have to teach tomorrow. I hope all is well! Thanks for commenting!


  3. Well said sistah! I completely agree that it's a very tiring yet rewarding job. As well, we must wear many hats to get the job done.


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