South Africa

Don’t worry. Be happy.

Why do we worry so much? Why do we spend so much time stressing over things we can’t control or even stressing over things we can? Do those things (or people) really deserve so much of our energy? If we really think about it, they probably don’t but that unfortunately is not going to stop the hours of anguish and stress we will have over them.

Today, was a school Chapel service. Once a week the entire school (both Junior and Senior schools) have a joint chapel service. The preacher taught on not worrying about so many things in life. He came from Matthew 6:25-34 which instructs us not to worry about anything. Not our lives, what we will eat, our bodies, or even what we will wear. He even compares us to the birds. Even they don’t worry about where their next meal is coming from, so why do we worry so much?! The preacher also talked about visiting the Lebone Center (this is also where I volunteer). At this center, the children come from highly impoverished areas. They may not have parents and most of them live in little cardboard houses. They are blessed to get more than one hot meal a day, but if you would spend even five minutes with them they act as if they don’t have a care in the world. If anyone had to right to worry about things it certainly would be these children. But even they aren’t allowed to worry, according to the scripture. So why do we (who certainly are more privileged than these children) worry about so much?
I to am guilty of this. Before coming to South Africa I worried a lot. I worried so much about so much that my blood pressure was very high. I worried so much I lost sleep. And now that I am here I can barely remember what was causing me all that stress. Stress. That word seems foreign to me now. Because since arriving in Grahamstown I have not experienced any stress. I have not been stressed when planning lesson plans. I haven’t even been stressed about teaching them either. I don’t know if my lack of stress and worry is due to the fact that I am living in my dream. Maybe its because since being here I haven’t felt the need to worry or stress. I have been forced to completely and fully rely on God. No longer did I have the comfort of home to coddle me. But by being in a situation that the only one I know I can trust is God, I had no choice but to cast all of my cares on Him. If you have seen my pictures and have been reading my blog then you see that everything is going quite well. 🙂
For the first time in a long time, I feel so at peace physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
I am not telling you that you must move to South Africa in order to get rid of your stress and worry. But simply take one minute to clear your mind and admire the trees in your yard. Or close your eyes and listen to the birds chirping. Or open yourself up to life that is happening all around you. God has the power to handle whatever we have going on in our lives. If He can give the children at the Lebone Center joy and comfort who truly have just cause to worry, then I am sure He can do the same for you. Quit your worrying. Cast your cares on God. Believe me He is big enough to handle them.
Don’t Worry. Be happy!

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