South Africa

In Everything There is a Season

Recently some of the people in my life that I love and care for have been facing very hard and difficult situations. Some have been faced with grief and sorrow due to a great loss and others have been disappointed in something important to them coming to an end. As I reflected on all of these hard times and prayed for the strength and the peace of my loved ones, I discovered that everything seemed to come and happen at the wrong time. None of my loved ones were ready for these hard times. Nor were they counting down the seconds waiting for them to occur. Thats the funny thing about ‘time’. Either time goes by so slowly that we are anxiously waiting for something to happen, or it goes so fast that things happen when we aren’t ready. Time never seems to get it right.

God revealed to me that He doesn’t deal with ‘time’ but seasons. He doesn’t wear a watch! He doesn’t worry about the hours on a clock, He is the conductor of the seasons. Time is a part of a measuring system used to sequence events. A season has to do with the change in the Earth’s position around the Son (sun) and the tilt of the Earth’s axis. Seasons mark a new change that can’t be stopped. Change is inevitable. For everything that happens in life there is a season. Meaning no matter what we go through life will change at a certain point. It can’t be stopped. In order for new life and new growth to occur we must go through these seasons. Every season is different. Some are more desirable than others but none the less each season must occur in order for new life and new growth to take place. If we look at the four seasons that occur every year all over the world: fall, winter, spring, and summer. I believe fall and summer are like markers that either prepare us for what is about to happen next or give us a time of recovery or renewal for what already occurred. Winter is a time for things to end or die. This is a necessary part of life. If nothing ever died then we would never have anything fresh or new. Spring season is a chance for new growth and life to take place. What has been put away in the fall and then died in winter, has a chance to grow into something new.
Seasons are inevitable. Time waits for no one. God is in control over everything, but with new seasons come new opportunities, new growth, and change. If you are hurting or experiencing a hard season in life right now be encouraged! God is in control. He has His hand in everything. It may be hard right now and winter may seem like it will never end, but be encouraged! Spring is on its way. New life and change is coming.
Another good thing about seasons: they only last for a season.

1 comment on “In Everything There is a Season

  1. You are speaking truth, God is really using you and your experience in South Africa to not only change your life but change our lives as well. I down this trip has been ordained by God and if we just let go and let God be in control so many marvelous things will happen, even if it hurts we have gained. To God be the glory!


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