South Africa

5 Minutes, 5 dollars, Big Change!!!

This week in Chapel at my school, the preacher spoke on The Greatest Commandment in the Bible: “Love the Lord with all your heart, mind, soul, and might. And to Love you neighbor as you loved yourself.” Matthew 22:37-39. I am sure you are all familiar with this commandment. You are probably most familiar with the first part of the scripture verse: which instructs us to love God with all of our being. But many of us forget about the ‘love your neighbor’ part.

If we do acknowledge the whole verse we think our neighbors are only the people that we live next door to or see on a regular basis. According to scripture and the preacher, our ‘neighbor’ includes every living human being on this planet. Yes that means people you have never met and even your enemies. Our neighbor extends world wide. It is that girl or boy we see each day at work or in class and that woman living in Japan. God commands us to not only love our neighbor but to love them like we love ourselves. What does that mean, really? Does that mean whatever we would imagine for ourselves we must also imagine for others? Does that mean if we are living a blessed life with more things than we can count, we must also want that for neighbors too?
YES! It means all of that and more. We must love our neighbors as ourselves each and every day in every way. I have spent three months in South Africa. A very beautiful and amazing country! During my time here, I have been extending myself to some of my new neighbors. These neighbors happen to be children ranging from the ages of 7 to 13. When I started working with these children, I thought I would come in and teach them so much, but after being with them for a few months they have taught me more than I could ever teach them. Their courage and mature understanding of the world blows me away each and every week I spend with them. They are truly remarkable! They come from extreme poverty, domestic violence, and HIV/AIDS ridden families and communities, but each and every day they are optimistic about life! They are not only my neighbors but my friends.
I am asking you, my friends and family (my neighbors) to do something really BIG! Spare 5 minutes of your time and visit this link on my facebook page:
Then after you have read about some of these amazing children and the Lebone Center where I volunteer and work with these children, donate $5! Yes just $5! It may seem like a little but it is so much more in South Africa! This money will be given to the Lebone Center in order to continue the educational programs and after school enrichment programs for these amazing children!
With you donation you will be helping keep a child off of the streets during non-school hours. Giving them hope and telling them that someone that they don’t even know cares about them! Love your neighbor and create a BIG Change!!!
****Act Fast!!! I must turn over all of the donations by Friday March 31!!! Thats next week!!! Don’t waist anytime donating!! Thank you!!!****

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