South Africa

Things I will miss about South Africa…

1. The People (they are so kind and warm)

2. The scenery (It still takes my breath away. It looks like a painting on the sky…God is amazing!)
3. Kingswood (I loved my school, the people, and children. I will miss everyone so much!)
4. The trees
5. Grahamstown (many people come to SA and never see this little town! But I love it!)
6. The exchange rate (R7 to $1…enough said)
7. Restaurants give you REAL portion sizes!!! (I can order pasta or a salad and actually finish it in the restaurant! )
8. Milo Milkshakes!!! (I was a little skeptical about Milo before I tried it…but now I will miss it so much!)
9. Walking everywhere (yes its true I will miss this because it did amazing things for my figure!)
10. Prof. Baxen (she is an amazing person!!! I want to be like her when I grow up!)
11. Cape Town (everything about Cape Town I love!!! I could live there!)
12. Animals (I loved being able to see the animals in their natural habitat and not behind a cage!)
13. Movie Theater (one movie cost R24 which is roughly $3.50…enough said)
14. Rugby (Didn’t think I would like it but its pretty cool to watch!)
15. Lebone Center and the kids (I loved working at this center! These children changed my life in so many ways!)
16. Going to Chapel twice a week (I loved being able to freely express my faith while at school!)
More to come!!!

1 comment on “Things I will miss about South Africa…

  1. Wonderful!Thanks for sharing, that's absolutely wonderful!I hope, one day, I can visit South Africa too.


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