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Transition to Transformation: Tribute to Granny

This is the tribute I spoke at my Granny’s home going service. God spoke this word into me while I was still in college, but I never shared it with anyone. The few days after my Granny took her last breath God placed this in my spirit again. I think it is very appropriate for the occasion. Its a word not just to honor the memory and life of my Granny, but a charge to the ones she left behind. I hope this will minister to you as it still is ministering to me…

I watched my Granny make her final transition. Over the course of two weeks I watched as she kept her faith despite of the pain and discomfort. She was still praising God and surrendering to His will. She kept saying, “Your Will be done.” She praised Him and trusted that He would keep her and soon bring her to be with Him in Heaven. Even in her last hours of life she was whispering sweet praises to God and lifting up her hands in adoration. That was such a beautiful and comforting moment to witness. It gives me hope because Granny made the ultimate transition. The transition that we are all working for and will make one day.
But while we still have breath in our bodies God is calling all of us young and old and everyone in between to make transitions. God is calling us to make spiritual life transitions. A transition is making a great move in order to reach wholeness and to grow into the image of God. I believe God is calling us to make a transition whether it be mental, physical, emotional, or in our spiritual relationship with Him. BUT we can be certain of this about transitions. They do not allow us to stay in the same place. We can fight them all we want, but it will let us know, “I am here,” and until we transition to the expected state, we will be miserable.
Before we can make this transition God is calling us to surrender our all to His will. To allow Him to move us so we may see His will being done in our lives. If we are holding on to any part of our agenda the transition cannot fully take place. We are an ever changing and evolving people. In order to grow up in God’s image we must change and make transitions.
I know it can be scary and uncomfortable but Granny demonstrated an amazing example of transitioning despite that fear and discomfort. She was never afraid. She surrendered to God’s will for her life the entire time. There are many great excuses to stay in our nice comfortable box. Excuses like the Fear of the unknown or the path God is calling us to take is just too unclear. Most times when we approach God, we want Him to give us a clear picture of what our lives should be [Before I relocate, I need to know where I will work, how much I will make, and what my house will look like, etc.]. There is nothing wrong with this expectation, except God tells us in Genesis 12:1 to, “Go to a land I will show you,” and not a land I have shown you. And in Matthew 4:19 He tells us to“Follow me and I will make you fishers or men,” not follow me because I have made you fishers of men. The picture becomes clearer as we follow.
Another great excuse we like using is the timing is all wrong. We often approach life with an attitude of, “It needs to feel right” before we can make that change. However, I’m sure we all can say that we have yet to come across a situation in our lives where the timing felt 100% right. In Ecclesiastes 3:11 God says “In His time, He makes all things beautiful,” not our time. The timing is never going to be just right…for us. That’s why it’s important we realize it’s not about our timing but about God’s timing. Nothing in this world is going to come or happen at the exact right time. But we must do things in God’s time and not our own. We all would have liked for Granny to be with us just a little while longer. Maybe until her 93rd birthday in December but that wasn’t God’s plan.
The assignment that God is calling us to might seem too daunting. In order for us to say yes to this calling it would mean we would have to give up too much, make sacrifices, and decisions that will require a lot. So do we settle for good enough because it doesn’t require us to give too much or reveal our vulnerabilities? Guess what? We will never know what tomorrow is going to bring but does that mean we stop making plans for the future? Will we continue to settle for a life that is comfortable and predictable? Never taking a God risk? Never stepping out on faith? If we stay in our comfort zone then we will never fully know what it means to trust God. Is that reality worth it to ignore the promptings of the Holy Spirit and not allow Him to transition us to greatness?
We must practice blind trust during this transitioning time.A transition does not mean we won’t be confused or feel lost or scared. These are all expected. In fact, it is when we are feeling like this when God is able to do the most work in our lives. Why? Because we are completely open. We are the most vulnerable during this time. It is hard to truly reach us when everything is going our way. During this time All He is asking is for us is to believe in His word. In Jeremiah 29:11 God gives us a word of hope, “I know the plans I have for you says the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plan to give you a hope and an expected end.” God is going to bring us to an expected end. He is going to bring us to an end we all hope for. So why worry during this transition time. God is calling for some amazing faith during this time! May we not miss God in His transitions.
So family and friends be encouraged! The transition is meant to transform us! God is calling us to something higher. God is trying to transform our lives. Granny surrendered to His will so she has transitioned from this Earthly body. She has endured much and still kept the faith. She has made her final transition of life. Now she is receiving her reward. She is being transformed to dewell with our Heavenly Father for all eternity. Never having to feel any more pain or hurt or sadness. To be free and enveloped in His love. Surrender to His will today for your life. Allow God to transition you in heart, body, mind, and spirit. So we may too be transformed. While we are still living and breathing on this earth. God is calling, He is trying to transition you. Will you allow Him to transform you?

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