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The Power of ONE (Change the World)

I used to think that I was doing a great job teaching if I could just touch one of my student’s lives. If I could impact their life in a positive way or help them make a break through in their learning, or help them realize the greatness inside of them. If I could really help one student then I was doing a good job, I had served my purpose. But I’ve learned that touching only one child is not good enough. I was not called only to help one child. God called me to help every single child that sits in my classroom in some way. It may be a huge difference or even a small difference but it is my purpose to impact and inspire all of my students. God has called me for so much more. Now that a new year is upon me I reflect on something else I used to believe.

My motto used to be that I’m not trying to change the world, I just trying to change someone’s world. Well once again I’ve discovered that this is not good enough. God didn’t call me to be just “good enough”. He called me to do great things. He has placed a purpose in my life to make a BIG impact not only to the people around me but the world. God does not just give me “good enough”. He gives me His best all of the time. So I must demand the best out of myself. I must stop settling for just “good enough” and work harder to achieve greatness. No longer is it just ok that I change someone’s world but now I’m claiming that I want to change the world! I want my life to be an example for this generation and the generations to come. I want my work to last even after I have left this earth.

God has placed this greatness in all of us. But life happens and it forces us to, dare I say it, settle sometimes. We settle because its easier than taking that risk. We settle because what God has called us to just seems too hard or will require us to go too far out of our comfort zone. Well I don’t know about you but I don’t want my life to be a story where all I do is settle for “good enough”. God demands more of me so I must start demanding more of myself. I must start living for my purpose and on purpose. I know this will require a lot from me. It will require a lot of sacrifices, times that I will be uncomfortable, and afraid. But God didn’t call me to comfortable all of the time. He has called me to be great. Well with a great call requires greater faith!

No longer will I say I’m just trying to change someone’s world…nope! I am going to change the world!


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