South Africa

Angels Everywhere I Go

I always knew that I was extremely blessed. Not with things or money, but with people who loved me and supported me. But even in always knowing that, I had the amazing opportunity to experience that love and support 100 fold a few weeks ago.

Before leaving for this incredibly journey, I had a Going Away Soiree (yes ‘soiree’ not party) where I was showered with so much love and kindness by some amazing people in my life. During that moment I felt so completely honored to hear and read all of the kind words about me. At one point in the evening the room seemed to overflow with love and it wrapped around me like a warm blanket. A part of me felt unworthy of the outpouring of love and generosity of my family and friends, and a small part of me felt some sadness that I was leaving all of that behind. Yes the ‘crazy’ in me was certainly coming out at this moment. How could I give all of that up to come to a place of so many uncertainties. Of course I knew that all of those wonderful people who were able to attend the party and all of those who weren’t able to be their physically would still be loving me and supporting me from afar. But of course nothing can replace face to face and heart to heart interaction. But an even bigger part of me knew that God’s provision would even account for that important part of my needs.

Since I had already lived in Grahamstown a few years ago, I had established some connections with some of the local people. I had connected with my host /coordinating professor, and made some other friendships with some amazing people in town. But before I even left the States I was informed that all of these people had moved from Grahamstown! Yes all of their reasons for leaving were similar to mine for leaving the States. They had all been called (by God) to other positions and cities to carry out the next matter in their lives. So of course I could only feel excited for them and wish them the best, but I couldn’t help feeling some dread in knowing that not only would I be starting from scratch with my apartment but also with my friendships. Everyone has had the feeling of being the new kid on the block, but this newness was going to a whole new level!

But like I said, God’s provision was surely at work once I arrived in Grahamstown. Everywhere my father and I went, from the grocery store to the furniture store, restaurants, and even the parking lot God was revealing Angels! My father and I were already drawing lots of attention everywhere we went. Not just because of our clear tourists appearances but also because of our strange ‘accents’ (didn’t even realize I had one). Word was quickly getting around town about the American girl and her father who was moving to South Africa to attend school and teach, in essence giving up her cushy, perfect life in America (where everyone wanted to be…yes the people here also think I am crazy). The amazing thing was all of these strangers were all promising me and my father that they would look out for me, take care of me, and help me whenever they could. Even the ‘Car gods’ (local black South Africans that watched your car while parked on the street for basic pocket change) were promising to look out for me. Everyone seemed vested in my purpose for coming to Grahamstown. These people didn’t know me, but they were are willing to lend a hand or encouraging word whenever they saw me. My mind was blown! Once again I felt so undeserving of their willingness to support my cause, but God was once again blowing my mind (as He promised).

Here I was quietly and subconsciously dreading leaving behind all of my friends and family that clearly loved me dearly, for a place of little to no support. But that just gave God another chance to surprise me with how much He loved me, and to award my great faith. He placed strangers in my path (which I now like to refer to them as ‘Angels in Disguise’)  that may not know me personally, but could obviously see the Jesus in me and the great calling God has on my life. So I may have left behind a Mom and Dad, siblings, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, friends, supporters,  and cheerleaders but God (in His infamous wisdom!) went ahead of me and placed individuals in my path to look upon me with kindness. He told me if I just place ALL of my faith and trust in Him, He will supply ALL of my needs! He has and He will continue. He will do the same for you too. So to my American Angels I say again Thank You! For you all have played a part in my journey thus far. Planting seeds and helping to cultivate those seeds. Now as this leg of my journey is truly beginning, God has blessed me with another set of Angels to aid me as I walk with Him and trust Him.

Blog Post Coming Soon: Pride Check!


2 comments on “Angels Everywhere I Go

  1. Amazing!


  2. Awesome! People like you make the world a better place!


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