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Daddy Knows Best!

Recently, as in a few hours ago, I had a major crisis!!! A huge, potentially devastating crisis. Like a life or death crisis (ok maybe not life or death), but it would have been extremely hard, inconvenient, and costly. What was my heart stopping crisis: my laptop wouldn’t work. Like black screen, power button not working, couldn’t function at all! Yes this may seem simple and menial to some but for a person whose laptop is not only used for school work, Work work, potential purpose projects, entertainment, and communication purposes (basically everything) it is a major crisis! I use my laptop for everything and without it things would become almost impossible to function. I know I may sound a bit extreme, dramatic, and maybe even a little bit spoiled but just see things from where I’m sitting.

Reasons why life would end if my laptop broke and could not be fixed:

  1. It would be extremely expensive to try and buy a new laptop (when I already live on a tight budget) and then to also purchase Microsoft Word(etc.) would be an extra cost.
  2. I would be without a computer for a while and would have to try and find time to use the campus computers. But since I work Monday thru Thursday from 10:00 am until 4:30 by the time I would get back to campus it would be almost 5:00 and the labs would be closing in a few hours. Then I would have to walk back to my flat at night and alone thus putting my life in danger.
  3. I would not be able to Skype my family and friends thus forming an even bigger disconnect from home.
  4. Classes start in a week and all of my assignment are saved on my laptop (no I had not been backing up my work like I should be). I have been working on these assignments for the past two months, so I would have to rewrite everything in a week that took me two plus months to complete.
  5. Life would be horrible!

So now you get a small peek into the horrible circumstances I would be facing, and now I hope you understand why this would be a crisis!

Obviously a miracle occurred or I would never be able to write this lovely new post, so crisis adverted. But for a few hours I was outwardly trying to hold it together but inwardly fearing the worst. I was freaking out! I was nearly on the verge of tears with the possibility of what may come if my computer could not be fixed, but I kept reminding myself that I must trust God and be content in no matter the season. Yes even the seasons when technology fails us. As I prayed and prayed to God to please let everything be ok, I must admit that my fears were slowly creeping into my mind. I told myself I wouldn’t call my daddy and ask for help but I would figure this out on my own. If it still wasn’t working by the morning, then I would lug my laptop into town and have someone check it out for me. So who decides to message me out of the blue: good ole Dad! I wanted desperately to tell him what was going on but I held back and said all was well and good. So more hours went by and still my laptop was in a standstill (literally) and I didn’t know what else to do to fix it myself.

Finally, I gave in and decided to call my dad. After telling him all that was wrong and how I had exhausted every possible solution, my dad told me calm down and try this one little thing. He told me if I just calm down and listen to what he has to say all would be alright. So I did and guess what???!!!!

Crisis fixed! All is well and I am back in business. (And Yes I have already backed up all of my files!) My dad reminded me that although I was thousands and thousands of miles away from him, he will always be available to help me whenever I needed him. All I had to do was ask. This was a great lesson I learned today, not only from my earthly father but my spiritual Father too.

So many times we are faced with a crisis. And we try to pray it through but it just seems to get worse and worse. Then we decide to take matters into our own hands and attempt to fix what’s broken or escape what’s hurting us. But to no avail, we are unsuccessful and maybe even deeper into the hole. Finally we give in and surrender all of our hurt and pain and confusion and doubt and fear to our Heavenly Father. Placing our everything into His capable hands. Our Father comes to patiently whisper to our spirits that if we just calm down and listen to His directions all will be well. If we can just trust His will and allow God to be God in our lives then we will be fine. We will be ok. Even if He instructs us to do something we think we’ve already tried on our own, we must submit to His promptings and obey His directions.

Sometimes it even feels like we are so far away from God’s presence. It feels like we can no long hear our Father’s voice and feel our Father’s touch, but even when we feel we are all alone we must trust and believe that our Father is always there. Our Father is always available to heed our call and fix what is broken in our lives. If He chooses not to fix it just yet then He gives us patience and a will to endure. Trust in God’s hand and when you can’t see His plan, know that He is there and still ordering every step you take. When you are feeling hurt and broken just call out to your Heavenly Daddy and release your brokenness to His capable and waiting arms. Daddy knows best!

My Daddy and I!
My Daddy and I!

2 comments on “Daddy Knows Best!

  1. I so connected with this one, cuz. Thanks for sharing your transparent life with us. I love you!!


  2. The Global Recipe Project at is seeking authentic South African recipes. I hope you will consider participating! 🙂


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