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The first YES is the easiest.

God is calling you. God is calling all of us to complete and fulfill a greater purpose that He has destined even before we were formed in our mother’s womb. God is earnestly and eagerly calling you to accept and follow His will for your life. This will take a lot of faith and trust on our part, but if we truly want to follow Christ we must be willing to say ‘Yes’ to His call. We must have faith to say ‘Yes’ to God’s call. That is hard because we are unsure if everything will work out for our good because we can’t see every step to this journey. Many times when God calls us (most times) He doesn’t show us every step and move we will be making along the journey. That is what walking by faith and not by sight is all about. We aren’t too keen on taking risks and it’s always hard to leave the comfortable spot on the couch of life especially as soon as it gets all warm and cozy. It is very difficult to turn your back on a life that is expected and safe. Many shy away from that call because of that very reason. But when we hear God calling our name we always have a choice. For those who dare to answer God’s call with ‘YES’ have certainly exercised a great amount of faith. Even if it is a hesitant ‘YES’ it still requires a great deal of faith. For God doesn’t just call us to do little, quiet, easy tasks. He likes to challenge us and make a splash. God likes to stir things up, unsettle the settled, shake things up, and do things in a grand way. Many He called in the Bible, He called to do just that.
He called Moses to return to a place that shunned him in order to upset a political system that had been in place for generations. He called Abraham to a land he knew nothing about. God didn’t even initially tell Him where he was to go, but Abraham trusted and went anyways. He called Noah to build an ark when everyone around him told him he was crazy. God called Mary to give birth to the Savior of the earth, while running the risk of being shunned by her family and future husband. Jesus called the 12 disciples to give up their jobs and homes and families to follow Him, a stranger. I could go on and on. But now God is calling all of us to something in order to embark on a life changing journey. What will your answer be?
You – said – YES! Wonderful! Excellent! Isn’t it amazing when we place our total faith in God’s plan for our lives! You are committed to doing God’s will. No turning back, life is truly beginning now. You are on your way to great places…

But is that the end of the story? Not even close. The first, initial ‘Yes’ to God was only the first of many ‘Yes’s’ you will have the make on this journey. And that first ‘YES’ was certainly the easiest! The real test of your faith is to KEEP saying ‘Yes’ to the calling. Once we have closed our eyes and jumped, said ‘YES’ to God’s call that is not the end. Our purpose is not complete. Oh that is only the beginning. Only the tip of the ice berg. God continues to call our name every day. And every day we must choose, make a conscious decision to say ‘YES’ to His will.
This is when the real work begins and the real challenge starts. To keep saying ‘YES’. A continuous and consistent YES! Do you know what that means?
That means saying YES when:
– Everything is going well AND when everything is going wrong.
Saying YES when
– All of your friends and family are in your corner rooting for you to succeed, and when everyone has gone home and unable or unwilling to give you the support you need.
Saying YES when
– You have an abundance of blessings and your store house is overflowing. And being content even in dry, barren seasons of life.
Saying YES when
– You can clearly see the plan AND when things get cloudy and confusing and you can’t see your own hand in front of your face.
We must say YES to God’s call no matter the circumstance or situation or season. Sometimes we must say YES even when we are unsure of what we are saying YES to anymore. Being consistent and continuous with your affirming faith. Believe me it is easier said than done!
Sometimes (most of the time) saying YES means also saying NO to certain things, people, habits, situations, and places. This is when God starts requiring things from us.
Saying YES may mean saying no to old ways of thinking. Those negative, worrisome, impure, hateful thoughts have no place in the calling.
Saying YES means saying no to old habits that are often hard to shake, but are too old and outdated to enter into this new season of purpose.
Saying YES means saying no to certain people in our lives. Removing certain friends that have become toxic or always been toxic but now we no longer have space for them on this journey up. Ending relationships that have turned into idols. Meaning we find ourselves choosing him/her more than Jesus. We spend more time with him/her than we do in our quiet time with the Lord. When choosing to say YES to God’s will we must begin reworking the audience in our life. Some people don’t deserve a front row seat in our lives anymore and we must be brave enough to close that door.
Saying YES may mean saying no (or not now) to our plan in exchange for God’s will for our lives. We must submit and surrender our plan for ourselves that we have had in place forever, and release it to God in order to gain access to God’s divine purpose for our lives.
Saying YES is not easy at all. It requires many sacrifices, more faith, and complete and continuous trust in Jesus. God says in His word that “When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze” (Isaiah 43: 2). God clearly says that we will have hard times. We will go through the waters and the raging rivers. You will even have to walk through some fires during this journey. But we can find joy in all of this because although we will have challenges and storms and hard days God promised to be with us every step of the way. We may go through fires but they will not set us ablaze! Saying YES to God is always the right and best answer.
Why not trust your everything to the One who created you and knows your beginning and end. Place your all in the One who controls the universe. Trust the One who will always bless you with more than you ever imagined. Or could ever get for yourself. A continuous and consistent YES to God is hard. It is challenging, scary, and stressful at times. But it is more than worth it.
Every day that God breathes air into our lungs we must wake up with a YES in our spirit. A YES on our lips to God’s call. An attitude of ‘use me Lord, I am just an empty vessel, a humble servant for You.’ Remove yourself completely from the equation. It is not about you! It’s all about doing God’s will and fulfilling the call. The first YES is always the easiest but just at God’s grace and mercy toward us is continuous and consistent our YES to doing His will must also be continuous and consistent!


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