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God is mindful of me, are you mindful of God?

#GodIsMindful has been my closing, my focus, my reminder statement, my motto throughout the four short (but long) months I have spent here in South Africa. What a blessing it is to have THE all powerful, all knowing, magnificent, amazing, holy, and great God to think about me. My God thinks about the imperfect, sinful, ungrateful, little ole me. God thinks about what I need even before I realize I have a deficit. My God goes before me every day clearing the way of anything and anyone that could hurt me. My God has provision in place that includes me. He orders and orchestrates each and every one of my steps. I am able to sing “all that I have needed thy hand has already provided”. What an honor and a privilege! But God is mindful of us not because we are so great or because of all the great things we have done for Him. No! My God is mindful of me and you simply because He loves us unconditionally. There is nothing that I have done or could do to deserve His mindfulness. It is just so because HE is so.

But are we mindful of God?

Do we think about God and what pleases Him? Do we make sacrifices in order to do His will? Do we turn away from sin and consciously choose God over man and things? Do we walk in a way and live our lives in a way that shows our acknowledgment of His mindfulness? Meaning we do not fear because we know that God is on our side. We know that God will strengthen us and help us. (Isaiah 41:10) We trust in Him with all of our heart and lean to His ways and not our own. (Proverbs 3:5-6) I know that God is on my side and I don’t have to fear what man could do to me. (Psalm 118:6) I know my God will never leave me nor forsake me. (Hebrews 13:5) I know that no weapon formed against me has any power! (Isaiah 54:17) I could go on and on about the promises of God for all of us. Are we fully aware and mindful of these promises?
This relationship between us and God can’t be one sided. We can’t expect God to provide for us and love us and we only give Him pieces of ourselves. We only follow some of His commandments. We detest certain sins that other people commit but tolerate or even justify others we commit. How are we mindful of God? How do our lives demonstrate our mindfulness?
Psalm 26 speaks to our duty to be mindful of God. In verse 11 the writer speaks about living a pure and blameless life. We must trust God no matter the season of life in verse 1. Also proclaim loudly God’s goodness in verse 7! Do our lives scream that we are mindful of God????
In the 24 hours in one day, how many of those hours, minutes, seconds are filled with thoughts of God and His goodness? Do we only think of Him when we need something or when we are hurting or in trouble? How often do we speak about God’s faithfulness toward us? At church on Sunday and Bible Study on Wednesday? Only to our ‘Christian’ friends and not that coworker who constantly proclaims with their actions and words that there is no God. Our minds and words and actions should be full of God!
Being mindful of God requires certain sacrifices and level of commitment from us all. Uh oh! Yes I said some ‘bad’ words in the last sentence. Many of us are ok with a relationship with God that is purely one sided. We are cool with God as long as we are still allowed to do, watch, say, listen to things that we want. We are comfortable with God as long as He doesn’t start requiring things from us. We will pray, attend church every Sunday, and even tithe 10% (ok 8%) of our money once a month. We may even attend a Bible Study during the week, as long as it doesn’t interrupt one of our favorite shows. Yes, we are cool with that type of relationship with God. We are even comfortable with our little sin, because let’s face it, it’s really not that bad after all. At least we are not out here killing people or stealing from people. God will forgive me if I do that one thing that really isn’t that bad anyways. We are comfortable with that level of commitment, but hold on Jesus, when you start requiring more of me then that’s where I draw the line! When you tell me I need to end that relationship that is causing me to put him/her first and Jesus second, third, fourth….When you tell me I must give up, change, stop, do, don’t do, move, let go of, or simply commit fully to Him and His will that’s when things get complicated. Our commitment to God should not be conditional. God’s love for us certainly isn’t, and I am so glad it is not!
We show our mindfulness of God by the way in which we choose (yes choose) to live our lives in a manner that honors and promotes His will. We must choose, make a conscious decision to follow His commands. We have to stop being subconscious Christians and start being conscious Christians. It is easy to be a Christian and live a Christian life when everything is going our way and life is good and pleasing. Our prayers and Godly actions are subconscious. We don’t have to think or even force ourselves to pray and worship God and spend time with Him. Life is easy and comfortable and well. It is easy to proclaim His goodness, when it is all good! But when everything falls apart and storms come and trials plague us on every side, we must consciously choose to worship Him and believe His promises. We must be mindful of Him and all that He has said. When the hand of God is no longer evident on our lives, we still must choose to submit to the will of God. When life gets hard and unpredictable we must fill our minds with praises and prayers to God! We must start putting in action all of the scriptures we memorized during the good times.
We show our mindfulness of God by being conscious of His works and His goodness. We must wake up every morning with the mindset of finding ways to please God through our actions, how we treat others, and how we react to the circumstances of the day. We must study God’s word so we can have something to be mindful of! We should be mindful of God not because we are trying to win favor or love from God, we will have that no matter what. But we should desire to be mindful of God simply because He is good, and we genuinely thirst for more of Him and more of His presence in our lives. I am so glad my God thinks about me…so what are you thinking about?


Psalm 26:3


1 comment on “God is mindful of me, are you mindful of God?

  1. Regina Williams

    My Sweet daughter, you have a heart that seeks hard after God. Thank you for reminding us that we must live on purpose and look at life thru the eyes of Faith. I praise God for you.


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