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My Letter to Wendy

To my dearest Wendy,

Where do I begin? Words are truly escaping me now. My thoughts are swirling with sentence fragments now,“I should’ve, could’ve, would’ve…” not able to finish them because somehow what I could come up with would never be enough. My complete sentences could never bring you back.

Oh Wendy. PerhapsI should’ve said more while you were still here. Maybe it could’ve made a difference. I would’ve done more…but in all honesty I didn’t know what to do. What would be the solution to all of your countless problems that were never your fault?

My dearest Wendy. As I sit here trying to find the right ways to finish my sentences, I weep for you. Not just you, but the world. For the world will never know the greatness that was in you. The world will never experience one of your smiles. The world will never know what you should’ve, could’ve, would’ve become…I weep for them. For I had the honor to witness glimpses of that greatness. I saw the potential to move mountains in you. I saw your wings, although tucked away, they were just waiting to be spread so you could fly. But the real tragedy is you couldn’t see those same gifts. And I don’t know if I did enough for you to find them. Maybe I didn’t leave enough clues or drop enough hints for you to realize the greatness just waiting to be unwrapped.

My Wendy, a part of me wants to be so angry with you. Why couldn’t you see the presents God gave to you even before you were born? They must have hidden them too well. They were covered up with shame and hatred and loss. I can almost understand why they were so hard to find in the midst of hopelessness. In the midst of everything and everyone that screamed “You can’t!” and “You won’t!” Those gifts were very hard to find when the world was offering you something else. Opening those gifts were never an option because the world kept you in a box of limitations. No matter what you tried, what others tried we couldn’t free you from that wretched box that was chained to your soul. That box was not even offering mediocrity for that would be a step above, but all that was inside was failure.  

“So why bother even trying,” must have been your attitude. I can understand that since that is all society ever echoed in your heart. But my lovely Wendy, didn’t you see the light that was inside of you? Although it was very dim, it was still there just waiting for someone to come and fan the flame…maybe that someone should’ve been me. Maybe I failed you too. But I promise not to get stuck in my sentence fragments, but to find a way to complete them that will bring your name honor.

I know that there are many more girls like you out there in the world that have been given a box of limitations. Girls that just need someone who is able to see their light and help them uncover and discover the true gifts that are just waiting to be opened.

Rest easy my dearest Wendy. You will never have to feel any more pain or loss. Your life will not be in vain.  Your life will give birth to something B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L.L. Now spread your wings and fly, Love is waiting to welcome you home.

Always in my heart,


Wendy in the 10th grade.
Taken 3 years ago
Taken 3 years ago 
We will miss your smile!
We will miss your smile!

1 comment on “My Letter to Wendy

  1. Regina Williams

    My Beloved, you are truly profound, have such great inner sight and your tribute to a life not realized so touching. Continue to let your anointing flow as the God in you is seen.. I know Wendy is happy now and watching over her brother. God is using you to speak to girls and women alike that don’t see/know that they have gifts and value/worth. I praise God for what God is doing in you.
    Love you always,


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