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Happy Father’s Day

My Daddy and I!
My Daddy and I!

I am the luckiest girl in the world! For I have been blessed with the BEST father ever! Today is the first Father’s Day I won’t be able to spend with my dad, but all that we have shared together over the last 24 years of my life brings me much peace and comfort. Although, we are only separated by an ocean, I still feel like he is many moons away from me!

I have so many great memories with you Dad. Like as a baby I wouldn’t let anyone hold me but you. Or the time we were traveling somewhere on the airplane, and you took me to the bathroom and my pacifier fell into the toilet, but instead of falling out in a fit of tears I calmly declared, “Bye bye pacy!” Or the many dinners you would drink root beer and leave just a swallow of soda left in your glass. Then I would come behind you and finish it every time, I figured you left that just for me.

Or when we were still living in Milwaukee, and every Saturday we would take turns riding with you in your sports car with the top down. I so loved when it was my turn, not just to feel the wind blow through my hair, but because I was with you!

I remember coming to rub your bald head or when you would kiss me goodnight. Or running to hug you after you returned home after a long business trip. Then waiting not so patiently for the little trinket or gift you brought back for us from your trip. I remember our special night at the Father Daughter Dance when you rented a tux and bought me a corsage to match my dress.

I remember when I told you I wanted to be Baptized, and you took me by myself and asked me if I understood the importance of that decision. Then you prayed with me and told me you were proud of me.


Then the years came when I started dating. I am sure that was something you were not ready for. I remember bringing my date home for prom and you taking him to the side and having a “chat” with him. I may never know exactly what you said but I am thankful for it.

Then the time came for you to send me away for college. Although, I was the second child to go to school I sensed this time was different with me. I was not as bold or outgoing as Candace, so I felt your hesitance to leave me in that cracker jack box of a dorm room, but I knew you were only a phone call away.

Then you bought me my first car! Every time I came home from school for a visit you would do a thorough check to make sure every thing was working properly and in order. Even when I messed up with my car, and you rightfully became angry with me I still knew you loved me and only wanted me to be responsible.

Then I told you I wanted to spend three months in South Africa! For a long time I knew you didn’t believe me, but you never stopped me and deep down I knew you knew this would be something good for me.

So when I came to you again and told you I was moving to South Africa for two years……I just knew that would not sit well with you. But then you offered to travel with me to help me get settled. I know I never asked you to do that but I am more than grateful that you did! The three weeks we spent together in South Africa were amazing! I feel like I got to know you on a much deeper level, and I feel so honored you were able to experience my South Africa!

Here is a video I took of you while standing on the beach in Port Alfred while you put your feet in the Indian Ocean for the first time.

Daddy, I thank God for blessing me with such an amazing father. A father that loves me so much. A father that would and has sacrificed so much for his children. A father that protects and provides for his family. A father that has taught me how a real man should treat me. A father in his own way supports my crazy dreams and cheers me on every step of the way. I love you soooo much Daddy and I hope to continue to make you proud. Happy Father’s Day!




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