South Africa

Reading Camp: 7 Days of AMAZING

“This post is dedicated to five amazing people who have blessed my life in amazing ways. There are no words in any language that would be able to express what those 7 days meant to me. I am a better person because of you all. Thank you for giving me another reason to love South Africa.”

Have you ever experienced perfection? Have you ever had the privilege to experience God’s divine plan? To have the conscious knowledge that it was meant to be. It can’t be explained. It just is. In reality it shouldn’t even be able to work, but it just does. Not only does it work but it thrives. It inspires. It changes lives.

The it that I am referring to was Reading Camp South Africa 2014. The special individuals that all came together to make those seven days with those 18 children an amazing week of learning, growing, and achieving in every way. The unique group that I had the honor to be a part of were the counselors. All of us different in every possible way. Different in language, background, nationality, and culture. But all with a heart for children.

We were in charge of the day to day with the children. Making sure they all bathed and ate and just had an easy transition into camp. We also planned and performed a chapel play each night at camp. Each with a different theme and lesson, and each night they got better and better. They were in a word ‘magical’. And all apart of God’s divine plan.

God took us, six strangers, and brought us together for such a special time. All of us a different puzzle piece having finally found its rightful position. God breathed on our coming together that is the only way to explain it. God preordained our meeting. He took careful time to make sure everything would line up perfectly. Nothing was by accident or coincidence. Everything was on purpose. With purpose. For a purpose. We may never know why God chose us. We may never understand the full impact of what our coming together did in the lives of those who witnessed it. We may never experience that same level of perfection together again, but we will always have those seven days.

Those seven days that changed all of our lives. Seven days that altered the future as we know it. Seven days that will have a lasting impact on all of us. It’s amazing what can happen in seven days. God created the earth in seven days so I think it is very possible that seven days can change a life.

It was like a ripple in a pond. Small at first but able to create a huge impact. It’s amazing how God works. How He is able to order every single one of our steps to be in line with His will. His will. It was His will for us to come together like we did. It was destined before anyone of us were even a thought. God said it and it was so. He brought us all together for a reason and for a season. To make the impossible possible. To live out a purpose much greater than all of us. Amazing!

God brought all of us together with different gifts and talents and backgrounds. It’s amazing how our differences were a bonus. I think it’s because of our differences that we worked so well. Usually people’s differences tear them apart, but ours not only united us but created something so beautiful. A beautiful bond that the world may never fully understand, but we will carry with us wherever we go on this earth and one day bring us back together again.

Here’s to being a part of God’s divine plan. May we always have reading camp: seven days of Godly perfection.

Reading Camp South Africa 2014 Counselors


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