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“You of little faith, why did you doubt?”

“Immediately, Jesus reached out his hand and caught him. You of little faith, why did you doubt?” Matthew 14: 31

God called you out of your comfort zone to have an amazing, life altering experience with Him.

You agreed and turned away from everything that is safe and secure. You left behind the ‘expected life’. You gave up the cushion job. You steeped away from the crowd. You took a BIG leap of faith into the unknown and uncertain. Some might call you crazy, but you did it! You followed the will of God.

Wonderful! Things are going well. The experience is new, but it is certainly more than you expected. You have no regrets, no fears. You are officially a Water Walker!

Suddenly out of nowhere, you see the wind…

You realize your bank account isn’t reflecting sufficient funds to afford this big step. Your friends have turned their backs on you. Your family thinks you made a horrible decision and are constantly supplying their unwarranted opinions on what you should do. You can’t see how this could possibly work out. Nothing is certain. Everything is one big, scary mystery.

Then the panic starts to set in. Days start flying by and your deadlines is quickly approaching. Your start to sink!

Worry clouds your mind. Tears flood your eyes. Regret is looming. Failure seems inevitable. Your feel you would’ve been better off staying in your nice, safe, predictable bubble. You begin to question and dare I say doubt God. You feel you can’t even pray. In fact, you’ve used up all of your prayers and it seems like God has taken a vow of silence.

Nothing no one can say or do helps save you from this destruction. You are ready to just give up and throw in the towel. Maybe you can save face and get your old job back. Maybe if you just quietly sink back into that comfort zone no one will notice. After a while people will forget and hopefully no one will ask, “Whatever happened with (fill in the blank)?”

You call out to God desperately seeking answers! You cry, scream, and shout to God to please rescue you from this place! The pain mixed with embarrassment and confusion are just too much to bear anymore. “How could you leave me, Lord? You called me to this place. Where are you Jesus?!”

Just when you can’t take anymore…

The hand of the almighty God reaches down into your pit of worry and sorrow, and pulls you out and into safety.

Whew! That was close! God saved you once again.

But unfortunately He won’t let you off that easily. He looks into your tear stained face and says:

You of little faith. Why did you doubt?”

Wow, talk about being called out by Jesus. He is not holding back at all. Talk about a divine ‘read’! The truth has been spoken all over your life.

Now that you have been rescued by Jesus and placed back into safety, He addresses two important factors that led you into this state of panic after seeing the wind in the first place. The first factor is your amount of faith.

It is important to note that Jesus didn’t say, “You of no faith…”

In fact, you do have faith. More faith than many others who didn’t dare to even stick a toe in the water, let alone a whole foot. You have faith in deed. That is not in question. You were willing to leave the nice, comfortable ‘boat’ behind in order to be with Jesus. That takes faith!

You know that if Jesus calls you to do something, you are willing to trust God to lead you to do it. You were willing to take the first step of faith and leave behind all things comfortable.

But Jesus didn’t call you out for having no faith at all, but Jesus did point out your amount of faith.

Jesus comments that you had little faith. Your faith is just enough to prompt you to take the initial step towards Jesus. This step was accepting the calling and leaving behind your comfort zone. This step is hard, for many people will never take it at all. But the first step is just the beginning of many more complicated, hard, and scary steps you must take. The first step of faith is not the only step, it is only just the beginning!

Congratulations! You were willing to take this first step, but you weren’t fully prepared to continue stepping…Especially in the midst of the ‘wind’. When you take that first step, you must realize that it doesn’t end there. God just doesn’t up and leave you to water walk alone. He keeps calling your name. He keeps pursuing you and requiring more from you. That means you need more and more faith.

It is not about the size of your faith but the amount. The amount of faith you have in Jesus must increase with every step you take because what Jesus requires from you gets bigger and bigger.

The second factor that caused you to begin sinking after seeing the wind was your doubts. The ever present voice in your head that sometimes can be helpful but when dealing in faith can be very harmful.

There are times when doubts can be the guidance of the Holy Spirit trying to prevent you from making a big mistake. For instance, when shopping your motto may be, “If there is doubt, then don’t.” This motto may have saved you from purchasing many clothes and shoes that you would’ve never worn thus saving you lots and lots of money. But when dealing with a calling God has on your life, doubts can be very harmful.

It’s all about knowing who and what you are doubting.

Are you doubting God’s ability to supply your every need?

Are you doubting God’s promise that He made to you?

Are you doubting God’s provision He has put into place?

Are you doubting God’s call on your life?

These doubts come in the form of ignoring or forgetting about the many, many scriptures that point to God’s promises for you. These doubts lead you to forget about God’s track record. Has Jesus ever let you down? Has Jesus ever allowed you to go without something you needed? Yes you may have had to struggle a little bit, but has Jesus ever not provided all that you needed? Can you think of just one time Jesus did not come through for you…can you name just one instance Jesus failed you…just one.

Doubts are powerful. They become fear and eventually turn into regret. Be careful not to let doubt overcome you and cause you to sink. Your faith must be bigger than your circumstances. It must outweigh your fears. Your faith must be stronger than your doubts, and outlast the attacks of the enemy. You must walk in, breathe, dwell in, and reflect faith. If Jesus called you to it, then He will lead you through it.

Keep your eyes on Jesus. He cannot fail, and as long as you are walking in His will neither will you.


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1 comment on ““You of little faith, why did you doubt?”

  1. Regina Williams

    Greetings my Beloved,
    Wow how powerful, God is truly speaking thru you. The preacher/teacher in is being revealed with each blog post you write. I know God will shall be done in your life for we are seeing the manifestation of what God wants you to be and do. Thank you for speaking power to the truth. This word spoke volumes to me
    Praying for you always. Love and miss you so much.


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