South Africa

#YesGod: Journey [back] to South Africa


Tomorrow is the day I say goodbye to family, friends, unlimited internet, Mexican food, and Chick fil A lemonade. Yes I will miss all of that and more, but the place I am headed to is deep in my heart as well. It may not have all of the things I stated above, but it has so much more! So much that I have completely fallen in love with from the breath taking beaches to the kind and giving people that accepted me and loved me during my first year in South Africa. Oh South Africa! How I love thee! No place on this earth will ever take the place of home, but South Africa comes in a close second.

I am off to another adventure of expressing my faith boldly and literally by saying Yes to God’s call on my life. Living in South Africa for two years was never in my five year plan, or any plan for that matter. But is has always been a part of God’s master plan! In fact, in preparing for the New Year I did some reflecting on my past. I spent some time reading some of my old journals dating back to my high school days. Man, if I knew then what I know now…I probably would have ran in the opposite direction! Or I would have sabotaged my own blessing trying to outsmart God. There is a reason God only shows us part of the plan. But through revisiting my old journals I discovered that God was preparing and ordering my steps to be in South Africa at this appointed time and I had absolutely no idea! In fact I was prophesying over my own life without even realizing it. Even through the doubt and fear and my own stubbornness God’s intentions prevailed. My first year in South Africa was truly a gift from above. So here I sit with another gift in my lap, another year of living, teaching, studying, learning, and growing in South Africa awaits me. Waiting on me to say yes…

This yes is not just a decision to get on the airplane tomorrow. This yes is a yes to allowing God to work in my life once again. It’s a yes to making more sacrifices and giving more of myself to God’s call. It’s a yes to dying to myself daily, to be willing to be uncomfortable and accept the challenge God has placed before me. But even more important this yes is only the beginning to more yes’ I must say to doing God’s will.

One of the coolest things born out of my first year in South Africa was #YesGod. I bet you didn’t know God uses hashtags too! #YesGod literally erupted out of me which I will share that story in a later blog (wait on it)! But in that moment that I literally screamed yes to God’s will, I unlocked a whole new mandate from God and that is to just say yes!

#YesGod should be more than just a declaration or a motto but it should be a lifestyle. Why? When we say yes to God we make room for more. We open ourselves up for bigger and better things. We allow God to be God in our lives. We recognize that this world is not our home or our destiny, but that we are working for something so much greater than the here and now. We tap into blessings we never imagined possible. We choose a life of greatness and endless possibilities. We are in line to receive our divine inheritance while on earth, to see the goodness of God in the land of the living! #YesGod!

Take a journey with me this year as I experience life saying Yes to God. See where it all began and how God develops and prepares me to receive all He has in store. Through my experience I pray it inspires you to declare #YesGod!

How can you support?!

Since I am a full time volunteer teacher, I trust God to supply all of my needs to carry out the work He has called me to do. If you would like to contribute to my mission work in South Africa click on the link blow and give how the spirit leads you. Thank  you in advance for all of your gifts!



1 comment on “#YesGod: Journey [back] to South Africa

  1. I love the new look of your blog!!! Also: can’t wait for you to get here! I’m so bummed that we won’t be in the same town this year…but I’m so happy that I get to spend 10 days with you very VERY soon!! Love you long time


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