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#YesGod: One time at Destiny Camp…Part 1

There is a very interesting (life changing) story behind #YesGod. Unbeknownst to me, God was pushing me to say yes to Him for a very long time. So it makes a lot of sense to me that #YesGod literally exploded out of me. Let’s start at the beginning of a wonderful journey which I pray inspires you to take your own journey physically and spiritually, of making a conscious decision to cry out #YesGod!

It all started before Destiny Camp…

Before coming to South Africa, I prayed to God about a lot of things! But one thing in particular was that He would place me in a church family that would have a ministry that spoke to my current place in life. Don’t get me wrong, the church I was coming from was wonderful. I had grown up a lot in that church both physically and spiritually. It was the place I worked in ministry from the time I was a little girl. It was the place where I was baptized. It was the place where I had my first crush and first heartbreak. It was the place where I met my best friend. It was the place I gave my life to Christ. It was the place I came to know God and studied His word. My home church meant a lot to me and still does, but for everything there is a season. I was slowly feeling that my season was coming to an end and I needed a change in order for God to take me to the next level. Little did I know that this change would involve me quitting my job, leaving all of my friends and family behind, and traveling halfway around the world to Grahamstown, South Africa. But God’s plans are always better than my plans. So as I prepared for my journey to South Africa, I prayed that God would place me with a body of believers that would help me grow even more and become the woman God had made me to be.

Not only did God bless me with a great church, but He went above and beyond anything I could have ever imagined or ask for! God surrounded me with people my age just as on fire for Him as I was and longed to be. Although the people in my new church and I had very little in common and with very different backgrounds the Spirit was the same and that is all that mattered.

His People Grahamstown is the place God sent me to, in order for my transformation to take place. It all started with a sermon series about being Baptized in the Holy Spirit. This was my first time receiving a formal teaching about this gift of being baptized in the Holy Spirit. I have been filled with the Holy Spirit in the past and have learned about the Holy Spirit, but I have never experienced being baptized in the Spirit. After studying about this gift in small group and during the sermon series I knew that it was something I desperately wanted! I wanted to experience God in every way possible! So the Sunday that the church leaders would pray for people to be baptized in the Holy Spirit I was front and center. After the first service one of the leaders came to pray with me and for me to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. As she prayed, I prayed and cried out to God to receive this gift. But…nothing happened.

But I was not deterred. I returned that night for the evening service. I was determined to receive this amazing gift. After the sermon, once again the leaders started praying individually for people to receive the Holy Spirit. This time I prayed with my very good friend and small group leader. As she prayed and spoke in tongues, I prayed and once again cried out to God to receive His Spirit. Then…it happened.

Just like a cool, gentle breeze washes over you on a very hot day, so did the Holy Spirit wash over my soul. There are so many words and not enough all at the same time to explain what I was feeling. Overwhelmed. Full. Complete. Dizzy. Refreshed. Exhausted. Brand New. I have never experienced anything like that in my life.

It was like being kissed by God’s Spirit.

I cried and laughed all at the same time. I sank to my knees in humble gratification. My heart beating out of my chest like I just ran a marathon. Nothing ever felt so good!

Then the beautiful language that only God can understand came. Only a little at a time, but those few syllables were music to God’s ears. Nothing else mattered at that moment. Not the fact that service was over and the auditorium hall was nearly empty. Not the fact that people were stacking chairs and cleaning up. Not the fact that I was still kneeling on the floor laughing and crying like a crazy person. I didn’t care! I just received the best gift anyone has ever given me. I was now filled with the same Spirit and the same power that Jesus himself had. The same power and Spirit that Jesus used to heal the sick, give sight to the blind, raise the dead back to life. That same power was coursing through me. What an honor. What a gift! What a responsibility…

After that experience, I would have never guessed what was right around the corner. But God always has something else better in store. The Holy Spirit was preparing me to say YES!

Come back next week to see what really happened at Destiny Camp that is and would change my life completely!


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