Last night in the last 45 minutes of my 26th year of life I had a long chat with my Jesus. We reminisced on the the last year of my life and all the many adventures we had together. He reminded me of all the things we accomplished together during year 26. From riding an elephant  to being the keynote speaker to special events on more than one occasion and sharing with school children on how to build self-confidence. Being able to minister to women about finding healing and their identity in Christ. Graduating with my second degree and starting studies for a Masters degree.

He reminded me of all the many times His grace was sufficient for me. When I thought nothing would work out and I would fail, He was always there providing all that I would need and more. He led me to count all of the wonderful blessings throughout that year. The ones I prayed for, and the ones that were never really prayers. He even showed me the growth moments…those hard times when He lovingly spoke the truth into my life in order to renew my mind and make me look more like Him. At the time, those moments weren’t so great, but now they are my favorite memories of year 26 because even less than 24 hours into year 27 I can already see the fruit of those hard moments.

Now as I sit and write this several hours into my Birthday and the start of year 27, I am so expectant for all that God has in store. I have big dreams, and I sense God pushing me to dream them out loud and in color! I sense Him leading me into even bigger dreams and higher places. I feel Him widening my territory and placing a lioness spirit in me! I feel Him adorning me with courage and boldness as He leads me by hand into spacious places. I feel an even bigger and louder “YES GOD!” rising up inside of me to agree with the next season of my life.

This year I want my response to God’s call to still be “YES GOD”, but I feel it growing even deeper and wider into:

Here I am. Send me. 

This comes from the scripture in Isaiah 6:8 which says:

Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

This passage is when God is calling Isaiah to be a prophet. Isaiah has a vision of the Lord seated in Heaven in all His majesty and glory, and God asks who will be a prophet to the nations. Isaiah answers to be the one to do the hard work of telling people who are deaf and blind to the truth of God all about His glory and power. Times were very difficult to share anything about God is the days of Isaiah, and they are just as hard now. I refuse to sit back and keep quiet about the truth of God and the gospel. This is good news and it is meant to be shared. I offer myself to be used as a vessel for the truth. I present myself as a willing participant to the extension of God’s Kingdom on Earth. So however, whenever, and wherever God wants to send me and use me I have availed myself to Him.

I have seen the power of the gospel in my life and so many other lives around me these past 3 years. I know firsthand the freedom that comes with  knowing just who God is and who I am in Him. I long (just as God longs) for all of humankind to know the truth. It is not just a truth but it is the truth! God is so amazing and so good I want all the world to know it! So for this season of my life, this year 27, I proclaim loudly and proudly:

Here I am. Send me!




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