Journey to South Africa

Journey to South Africa…Part 2

It will be three years this January since my first journey to South Africa. I first traveled there to complete my student teaching semester and I spent three months teaching the 5th grade at Kingswood Junior College in Grahamstown, South Africa.  Since returning from my first excursion, I have graduated from the University of Georgia a degree in Early Childhood Education. I have taught the 3rd grade at Pleasantdale Elementary School in Dekalb County here in Georgia. Then Jesus called my name…again.

It was never in my plans to leave all that was familiar to me and expected of me and to make huge sacrifices in every aspect of my life in order to follow the Will of God. But that is exactly what happened. God called me to give up everything that was comfortable and safe. To leave the “expected life” behind and place every ounce of faith and trust in His will for my life. So now I am on my way back to South Africa ready for a new adventure! (I promise not to bungee jump again…)
What will I be doing in South Africa this time:
Where I will be living

Grahamstown, South Africa

 Check out my school!
Rhodes University

I will be studying part time at Rhodes. In two years I will graduate with my Bachelors of Education Honors Degree! This degree is tailored for experienced teachers to study part time while pursuing other professional vocations.  This degree will prepare me for research-based postgraduate studies in my particular field of education. It will also consolidate and deepen my knowledge of the field and develop research capacity in the methodology and techniques of my field. I will explore national, regional and international trends in the formal and informal sectors of education.  I will be able to fine tune my skills and improve my knowledge base in order to become a world class teacher.  My degree is internationally recognized!

I will be volunteering FULL TIME at the Lebone Center.

I will be working with the Little Red Dragon Preschool, After-Care Enrichment (ACE) Programme, and the Lebone Literacy Programme. All of these programs are catered to children from the townships that are either infected or affected with HIV and come from very impoverished homes. I had the honor of volunteering with ACE my first trip to South Africa, so I am beyond excited to volunteer with all of these programs full time! Check out some of the pictures and videos of some of the kids that blessed my life during my first journey!

3 comments on “Journey to South Africa

  1. Sarah, I am so excited and extremely proud of you. Can’t wait to hear all about your adventures. I hope i will see you before you leave. ..and I am still planning to visit while u are there.


  2. Sarah!!! I am just now seeing this! Congratulations, how exciting! My heart aches to go back to South Africa whenever I think about it! =) I’ll be checking in to see how it goes! Lots of love, Emily


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