Love Offering

Dear Family, Friends, and Other Caring Individuals,

I am so excited to be moving back to South Africa! I will be volunteering full time at the Lebone Center in Grahamstown, South Africa. The Lebone Center is a non-for profit that promotes community engagement through several programs geared toward serving children from the township area of Grahamstown. These children come from impoverished homes and most are either infected or affected with HIV. I have the privilege to be a volunteer teacher in the Little Red Dragon Pre-school, work with the school age children in the After-Care Enrichment Programme, and work with the Lebone Literacy Programme. I had the honor of working with just the After-Care Enrichment Programme during my first stay in Grahamstown. So I am very excited to be working with all three programs at this amazing center. Please visit this link to learn more about the great work the Lebone Centre is doing!

Since I am volunteering full time I will be living off of my own savings. I trust and believe that God will provide all of my needs, so if the spirit moves you please use the donate button below to help me do the good work God has charged me with! I believe that when God has blessed you, one must use those blessings to bless others. So at the end of each month whatever is donated to me, I will then donate a percentage of that to the Lebone Centre. Thank you all in advance for the prayers, thoughts, and other monetary gifts that may be given! God bless you all and please continue to follow all of my adventures while in South Africa!

Love Always,






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