21 Day Surrender: Day 1 More Than Just Food!

Today starts my 21 day fast and prayer. In case you were wondering, I am following the Daniel Fast which stipulates no meat (or any animal products), dairy, sugar, and fat (for a complete list see Daniel Fast). I am also completing Michele Singletary’s 21 Day Financial Fast which focuses on achieving financial peace and freedom using Biblical guidelines. Yes that means for 3 weeks no chicken, chocolate, or shopping for me!

Many people have asked me why have I chosen to do a fast in the first place? Not only that why have I chosen to complete two fasts at the same time? For me, this fast is way more than just giving up certain foods or certain habits for a few days. This fast is about humbly denying myself something of the flesh in order to glorify God and go deeper with Him in prayer and devotion. This fast is about removing any distractions that keep me from fully hearing God’s voice and direction. This fast is about removing certain things that fed me physically in order to be fed by God spiritually. This fast is about needing and wanting MORE of God, and in order to achieve that I must be willing to have less of me.

Less of what I want. Less of worldly pleasures. Less of temporary fixes. Less of just junk that we knowingly or unknowingly fill our lives with every day!

Will this be hard? Will this be challenging? Will I want to quit? Yes, yes, and most definitely yes!

But my longing for MORE of God is much greater. My need for MORE power and authority through God is stronger. My hunger for MORE of the Holy Spirit is deeper than my hunger for certain foods.

I want to go deep with God, deeper than ever before. I want to experience a freedom that only comes through the great love of God. There are certain things and strongholds that need to be loosened, but will only happen through fasting and prayer. There are many areas in my life that need refining, pruning, cleaning out, molding, shaping, and growing. During these 21 days, I will avail myself so God can do just that!

I have such a strong sense that God wants to bring me into greater awareness of Him and fill me with greater power and authority, but I first must surrender my all to Him. This fast is the start of that.

For the next 21 days, I will purposefully and intentionally place all of my focus on my relationship with God. Sitting at His feet and allowing Him to pour new life into me. I want MORE of God, so I must be willing to give Him MORE of me!

21 Day Fast Tips

  1. Before deciding on a fast of any kind, be sure of your motives behind wanting to fast. If your motives are about losing weight, impressing people (even God), or anything selfish in nature then the fast will not be beneficial. Make sure your motives are pure; fasting is 100% about strengthening your relationship with Christ and surrendering your all. Make sure God is the #1 reason for your fast. Check out Isaiah 58:1-14