21 Day Surrender: Day 11 Grace Upon Grace

Guest Blogger: Anonymous 

Grace upon grace
Romans 4-6
As we enter the 10th day of the fast, we are exactly halfway. 10 days have gone and 10 days lie before us. We are at a point where, like athletes running the final half of an Olympic race, we are to push our Spirits, like they would their bodies, harder than before, going for Glory! Unlike athletes though, ours is in God and is therefore everlasting! Amen!

God’s grace is supernatural and not only extends to us God’s incredible mercy – through the forgiveness of our sin – but also empowers us to become who God has called us to be, to actually be able to walk in righteousness and holiness – because His favour is over our lives. We can see how God’s grace has affected Paul’s life, in 1 Cor 15:10, can we say the same about our lives?

Can we honesty place who we are and what we do squarely in the grace of God. Have we ALLOWED God’s abundant provision of Grace to infiltrate our life and empower us to become who God has called us to be.

If only we were to allow and tap into the power of Grace. Then even our thinking is transformed. Grace changes our attitude from an “I can”, to an “I will!” No longer should we only believe and apply Grace as the forgiveness (mercy) of Sin. But now we should boldly step into it as also the power of God, through the Holy Spirit, in our lives.

God’s incredible provision of Grace empowers you to walk in righteousness (5:17-20) and freedom (6:14). These are such amazing gifts from God and all we need to do is accept them with open arms and allow God, through His Spirit, to work within us. Of course, this is easier said than done, but it is not impossible. God loves us immensely, intensely and unconditionally. I’m even tempted to say that God’s love for us, is like that of ‘abuse victim’. That ‘blind’ love that says to us, “Regardless of what you do to me, I loves you the same”. This seems so strange and incorrect even as I say it. Please understand that I am in no way implying that we will get away with abusing God, I’m just making an example of how ‘blind’ love is made by grace. Like Hebrews 8:12 says, He forgives us of our sin and erases them from His memory! Amen!

Having said that, we need to listen to Paul when he urges us to use that Grace, not to go deeper into sin (Rom 6:1&15) – that’s just a waste of Grace more than anything (because we don’t require Grace to sin), but to go deeper into God because that requires Grace and that Grace has been freely given in overabundance Rom (6:19).

So in the coming 10 days, we are challenging each other to press in. Especially in those areas that we have highlighted and are trusting God for a breakthrough. We are refusing to revert to our usual responses to pressure situations. It will not be easy and we have to believe that God will see us through the hardest of times, by His Grace! Leaving your comfort zone and allowing God to grow us beyond our perceived limitations.
The key: access Grace through faith (Rom 5:2)! Faith in Jesus releases Grace, Grace begets Freedom, Freedom is Power, Power leads to Victory, Victory is Glorious and ALL Glory belongs to God.