7 Reasons Why Taiwan Should Be Your Next Travel Destination in 2017

This past December, two of my friends and I traveled to the beautiful country of Taiwan. One American, one South African, and one Taiwanese South African spent three weeks traveling around the lush and friendly country of Taiwan. According to travel sites, Taiwan is the heart of Asia not only because of its location but mostly (in my opinion) because of its friendly and inviting people. After spending an amazing three weeks in this country, we all concluded that Taiwan is a MUST travel destination for anyone! Whether its your first trip to any Asian country, or first trip from your home country, Taiwan is truly a gem that more need to explore. With its fusion of the old traditions meeting new trends, breathtaking national parks, and bustling night markets Taiwan is one country to add to every travel list!


Here are 7 reasons why Taiwan should be high on your travel list for 2017:

  1. Extremely Friendly People

Taiwan is extremely welcoming to travelers. As we traveled around the country, the locals were extremely eager to greet us and help us in any way. And if you are fortunate enough to be invited to a locals home then you are in for a real treat. Taiwanese understand what true hospitality is all about! My friends and I were treated endless traditional Chinese tea and whatever local delight available.


2. Food is amazing! Much variety and very healthy.

Don’t come to Taiwan expecting western style Chinese food of fried rice and Cho Lo Mein noodles. Come expecting so much more! Taiwan offers so many delicious options for every pallet. Oodles and oodles of noodles! Dumplings and steamed buns! Sea food, beef, pork, chicken, and duck served every way imaginable. Sumptuous soups. Get your chopsticks ready because eating is a huge part of the culture in Taiwan.

Stinky Tofu


Japanese style noodles

3. Extremely safe country.

Where in the world can you leave your belongings unattended without a care or worry of theft? Where in the world can school-aged children walk the busy streets alone at night? Where in the world can elderly people go for a night jog around the city alone? Taiwan.

4. Dollar is worth 31 New Taiwanese Dollars!

If you have US dollars, pounds, or Euros it is worth it to make a special trip to Taiwan! You will be able to find so many cool gadgets for extremely cheap prices. Everything you get back in your home countries is original made in Taiwan anyways, so why not come directly to the source.

5. Electronics are much cheaper.

Electronics like cell phones, computers, and cameras are much cheaper in Taiwan. Why? The importing and exporting tax is considerably cheaper than other first world countries.

6. The shopping is a shopaholics dream!

The style in Taiwan is not your usual Western style and it changes very quickly. Many popular western stores and brands are available in Taiwan and usually a lot cheaper (especially if the exchange rate is in your favor).


7. Country is beautiful!

Taiwan has something to offer every type of traveler. Come and explore its lush national forests, beautiful beaches, and green countryside. Mountain climbing, hiking, surfing and other water sports, biking. There is something for everyone!






Sun Moon Lake