My Spacious Place

I measured my room the other day. Let’s just say that there are a lot of closets more spacious than my new living space for the year. In fact, tiny, cramped, and stuffy are pretty accurate words to describe my room. Since its summer time in South Africa, I think my room is at least half a degree warmer than the hallway.

Year one in South Africa, I was living in a two bedroom apartment all by myself. Then year two I had a roommate. And now in year three, I am confined to a 16 ½ by 8 ½ feet former storage room (I suspect) inside a boarding house with 30 girls ranging in age from 7 to 13.  It seems like God has taken me from having more than enough space, to shared space, and now to a cramped space. But I absolutely love every inch of it and there aren’t many!

My absolute favorite part of my room is an even smaller corner nook squeezed between a window and short wall. Barely enough room for me to sit and cross my legs, but this is my prayer closet. My war room. My quiet time location. My spacious place.

This is the place where I plan to do battle. Wage war. Talk to God. Hear from God. Change, grow, praise and worship. This is the place where the magic happens! There may not be enough space for me to turn around one good time, but there is more than enough space to fight the good fight.

It is no accident or coincidence that I ended up in this room during my third year in South Africa. I had my eyes set on another bigger, more well placed room in the boarding house. But it was always God’s plan to place me into this “spacious place”. At the end of year one in SA, it was prophesied over my life that God is leading me by hand into a spacious place. At the time I had no idea what this meant, but as everything else on the page long prophecy slowly started coming true, I was confident that this would also manifest in my life in some way…soon.

Now I see.

God was preparing me even then to put me into the spacious place. Yes, He moved me physically into a tighter space, but Spiritually He was preparing my heart to enter into a more spacious place. He prepared my heart to surrender to His will. It has become so much easier to say Yes God. So much easier to give up my will in order to do His will. In fact, trusting Him has become second nature. I am learning that sometimes too much space physically only leaves room for the enemy to move and have His way.

What is more amazing to me is it was always God’s will for me to end up in this room at this time. Something I never even considered doing in a million years was a strategic, well planned out move by God. God was always leading me by hand into this place. I am steadily moving into the perfect position for God to move crazily in my life! I am already in the right position, now I am in the right place. Yes, it may be cramped into a tiny corner within an even tinier room, but the right place overall. A spacious place.

Now that I have cleaned out the rooms of my heart with all the junk, the Spirit has more space to speak, move, change, and grow in me. I can only imagine the powerful, earthshattering conversations we will have in this space. I feel that God is preparing to SPEAK! Not just talk, we do that all the time, constantly. But God is preparing to SPEAK to me. You know, like “Moses go back to Egypt and free my people” speak. Or “Abraham leave your father’s house and all things familiar and go to a land I will show you” speak. Or “Noah build this ark because I am going to flood the Earth” speaking. Or even “Mary although you are a virgin, you are going to carry and give birth to the Savior of all mankind” kind of speaking. Serious, world changing, history making kind of speaking!

God has called me and lead me into this place to do some serious speaking. So I open my heart and mind to hear from Him. Ready my lips to say Yes to whatever He asks of me. Empty my hands to surrender whatever He requires of me to let go. And prepare my feet to move when He says Go!

In my spacious place there is room to worship, pray, listen, grow, and change. I may not have room to do much else, but those are the important things. Watch this space!