#YesGod; Clarissa’s Story

I believe every Christian actively following God has a #YesGod story! This #YesGod story is someone’s powerful testimony of declaring Yes to doing God’s will and stepping outside of their comfort zone to do amazing things for the Kingdom of God. For the month of May, I will be featuring young women, like myself, that have demonstrated bold faith and are actively pursuing God’s will for their life and ultimately declaring Yes to God!

Saying yes to God, for anybody, can be hard. As humans, we like to fight and fight, sometimes unknowingly, what God has for us. When we fight, we sometimes miss out on the full blessing God has for us. It is when we stop fighting and doubting, that God really shows us what’s in store.

It has been 2 years since I graduated from Clemson University. Upon graduating, I got a little job working for a social media company in Stockbridge, GA. About 5 or so months into working, I started to feel that the place where I was at wasn’t where I wanted to be. I wasn’t making much, they were a very small company, and because they weren’t well known, they started losing clients, and as a result, my hours were scaled back from full-time to part-time. At this time, I had already started searching for different positions that would pay more and help me pay down my student loans. In my search, I came across a position at my alma mater, Clemson University. Not really thinking I’d get the position, I decided to apply anyway.

A few weeks after I applied to the position at Clemson, I got a call to do a phone interview. I was excited that I’d actually gotten a call back, but still doubtful. After doing the phone interview, I didn’t receive a call back for an in-person interview. Feeling discouraged, and defeated, I moved on. I now knew fully that there was no way I was getting that job. After all, I wasn’t that experienced and I would have to move to South Carolina and pay my own bills.

About a month after the phone interview, God showed me that my faith in Him should never waiver. Not only did I get the in-person interview, I got the job. At that point, I decided to give up the fight of thinking I wasn’t good enough to receive something that was always for me. I said yes to God, and no to my doubts. Since I said yes, God has blessed me beyond measure. Not only am I gaining so much valuable experience, but God also blessed me with the opportunity to go back to school to get my MS in Marketing, for free. After graduating undergrad, I always said the only way I’d go back to school is if it was free, and God has made that possible.

Deciding to let go of my doubts and say yes to God’s power and plan for my life has put me in the position to receive all God has for me, and I am beyond blessed.

Just say yes!


Clarissa is now living and working in South Carolina. She will be starting a Masters program in Marketing this fall. Her boldness and determination inspires many…including me, her big sister.