#YesGod: Kuan’s Story

I believe every Christian actively following God has a #YesGod story! This #YesGod story is someone’s powerful testimony of declaring Yes to doing God’s will and stepping outside of their comfort zone to do amazing things for the Kingdom of God. For the month of May, I will be featuring young women, like myself, that have demonstrated bold faith and are actively pursuing God’s will for their life and ultimately declaring Yes to God!


Until yesterday I wouldn’t have said I had a #YesGod story. Hearing great and moving testimonies of what God had done in people’s lives, had made me feel like I also needed a ‘wow’ testimony and until then I don’t have any. But this changed, because my friend told me otherwise. She said, “Everybody has a yes God story, and everyone’s story is a testimony to or for someone else.” This got me thinking and to look back at what God has done in my life.

Growing up in church, being a second generation Christian, I grew up having the privilege of knowing God, knowing God’s love for me, and most importantly, knowing the grace and mercy He has for me. I never had an amazing definite moment or experience of God yet, but rather very subtle and gentle love experiences that God blew in my direction. With that being said, thinking of my #yesgod story, there is none better than the present. I don’t have a mind blowing or a moving experience, and having God in my whole life I never really thought about a time I had to make a choice or a conscious choice of saying yes to God, but I realized today that I am saying ‘YES’ to Him every day, my every waking moment I am just that.

As of this very moment in my life, God is taking me to a very dark space that I just don’t understand. I wake up every morning with the struggle of not knowing myself, not knowing my emotions, not knowing what I am doing with my life, and not knowing my purpose in life. All I want to do is sleep till time passes away. I literally feel like life is being sucked out of me. Even though that is how I am feeling and what I am going through, I chose to say ‘Yes God’; yes to God working in me, yes to God walking with me, yes to God loving me, yes to God never leaving me alone, yes to God giving me strength to get through every day, every waking moment.

My yes God story is simple. I wake up every morning and know who God is in my life and I say YES to Him. Anyone can have that as well, that simple “yes God, fix me up, even though it is hard and even though I don’t know what you are doing. But yes I want you to work on me!” Just declare it!! Yes to challenges, yes to hard work God is giving you. My story doesn’t end there but I would love to leave you with this, ‘Stay encouraged even in your darkest moments! Keep on worshiping our Almighty Father because He is great and it will all be worth it!’


Kuan is currently volunteering full time for the His People Grahamstown Church. She has devoted this entire year to work for God’s people and serve the church. Despite being my fabulous room-mate, she is so inspiring and moves through the world with quiet grace.