Vegetable Omelet


Two Eggs

Spinach (cooked)

Red and green peppers

Half a small onion

Handful of Cherry Tomatoes (halved)

Cheddar Cheese

Salt, Pepper, and Cayenne Pepper for taste

Salsa for topping



Saute spinach, peppers, onion, and tomatoes in a skillet in olive oil until lightly browned

Remove vegetables from pan and set aside

Whisk eggs  and spices with half a teaspoon of milk in bowl

Add a little more olive oil in the same skillet then pour in egg mixture

Cook eggs until they start to thicken then pour in sauteed vegetables into middle (add cheese on top of mixture if you like)

Using a spatula flip half of eggs until covering vegetable mixture (add more cheese on top)

Let eggs brown a little then remove from pan and enjoy!

Top with salsa or any other favorite items!

Vegetable Omelet
Vegetable Omelet



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